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County Tournament

The final ball for the county tournament was rolled at approximately 5:10pm Sunday, The results are:

200 and under
Team: Nothing But Strikes 3875
Singles:Derrick Ogletree 925
Doubles: Larry Butler/Luis Vanegas 1647
All Events: Charles McCray 2423

For a complete list of the champions click here

201 and over
Team: Double A 3713
Singles: Kevin Chen 827
Doubles:Wayne Hoffman/Ted Orbom 1581
All Events: Louis Steinhauer 2309


Team: The Squad 3455
Singles: Javier Cruz 769
Doubles: Ron Dixon/Louis Steinhauer 1421
All Events: Louis Steinhauer 2255


A correction to what was previously posted; Trevor English, pictured below left, bowled his first 300 he did not roll an 800 but Rusty Richards did, an 830 and Derrick Ogletree did, an 804.. John Steinhauer, middle, and John Brazel bowled 300s. For the tournament there were 5 300's and 2 800's.
The other 300's were rolled by Mike Cernobyl and Kevin Muto.

We want to thank Greenacres Bowl and all participants for making this a very successful event.

For a complete list of standings Click Here and payout Click Here


Annual Meeting:
The annual meeting of the Palm Beach County Bowling Association will be held April 23rd 9:00 am at Verdes Tropicana North Florida Mango Rd WPB. All current members of the PBC BA,(aka men's association) are eligible to attend and vote. The main order of business is the election of officers for the 2017-18 season. Any nomination from the floor must have his/her qualifications submitted by 9am April 22nd.

Latest 298/299 Award


The PBC BA is proud to present a 298 ring to Trevor English. Trevor bowled his high score in the Thursday 4's league at Greenacres Feb. 16th

Your association will purchase a ring for any USBC member in good standing who has never in his or her lifetime had an honor score where a ring is an option. Since we initiated this award we have purchased 24 rings.


250 Club:
If you are a man and bowled a 250 or better, you can become a member of the 250 Bowlers Club of Palm Beach County. The club has tournaments every other month rotating through the houses in the county. The format alternates between singles and mixed doubles i.e. man & women. The singles event is for 250 club members only but the women in the doubles can be any female bowler. On occasion, the club teams up with the women's 225 club for the tournament. The club uses the money raised in these tournaments to award a scholarship to a YOUTH bowler. A dinner is held at the end of the year at a local establishment. The dues are $15 a year and you must bowl in at least one tournament. If you need more information email Mark Sapsford at pbc250club@gmail.com Click Here for an Application.

The club has scholarships for students who will be graduating this year. To apply for a scholarship Click here for an application.

Women who bowled a 225 may join the 225 club. The application fee is $15. Dues are $10. Like the men, you must bowl in one tournament a year.Click here for an applcation



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