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     George Pryor 1924 - 2014

George Pryor, former association secretary, passed away Friday June 27th.

George was a league secretary for many years at Fair Lanes Palm Springs before becoming the association secretary in 1991.When he took office the association was in financial trouble. When he resigned, due to health reasons in 2012, he had the association in a strong fiscal position. After serving as secretary he remained on the board as a director for 2 more years.

Many of us will remember George's smiling face as he greeted us at the annual county tournaments.

George was elected to the PBC Bowling hall of fame in 1996.

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PBCBA Hall Of Fame:
The PBCBA recognizes outstanding bowlers by inducting them into the hall of fame. Bowlers may qualify by either superior bowling accomplishments in sanctioned leagues or tournaments or by serving the bowling community as an officer in a sanctioned league or on the county board of directors. Any sanctioned bowler may recommend someone to the hall of fame. The recommendation should be a letter detailing the nominee's qualifications and must arrive at the local office by Jan 1,2015 to be considered this year
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Counties' Best 2012-13:  

High Average - 245

Jeremy Mooney established a county record by maintaining a 245 average in the Strikes Invitational league at Strikes @ Boca.

Jeremy proved he is not just a one house bowler by carrying averages over 230 at three houses. His average in the Party Animal league at Greenacres was 239. In the Suncoast Scratch at Verdes was 236 and he maintained a 234 and a 230 at Greenacres' NFL and Open Door. He also had 300 games and 800 series in all three houses.

High Series - 839

There was a tie for high series between Dean Lawyer sr., pictured at left, and Larry Brande.

Dean bowled his high series January 16, 2013 in the Wed. Sportsmen league at Jupiter.

Larry bowled his in Jupiter's Monday Maulers April 22nd.


250 Club:
If you are a man and bowled a 250 or better, you can become a member of the 250 Bowlers Club of Palm Beach County. The club has tournaments every other month rotating through the houses in the county. The format alternates between singles and mixed doubles i.e. man & women. The singles event is for 250 club members only but the women in the doubles can be any female bowler. On occasion, the club teams up with the women's 225 club for the tournament. The club uses the money raised in these tournaments to award a scholarship to a YOUTH bowler. A dinner is held at the end of the year at a local establishment. The dues are $15 a year and you must bowl in at least one tournament. If you need more information call Candid Ayala @ 561-683-6299 or email at candytherock@gmail.com. Click Here for an Application.

The club has scholarships for students who will be graduating this year. To apply for a scholarship Click here for an application.

Women who bowled a 225 may join the 225 club. The application fee is $15. Dues are $10. Like the men, you must bowl in one tournament a year.Click here for an applcation







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