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The final weekend saw changes to the leader board and the only 300 bowled in the tournament. It was bowled by Jeremy Mooney pictured at left.
The results posed are unofficial pending verification

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Team Under 1001
          AARRK -                        3707
Team Over 1000
             Bowling Less is More !! -  3624
Team Scratch
                  Bowling Less is More !! -  3295

Doubles Under 401   Larry Byirt/Curtis Young -      1560
Doubles Over 400
    Anthony Mann/Handy Rawls - 1571
Doubles Scratch
       Anthony Mann/Handy Rawls - 1439

Singles Under 201
                       Larry Butler -       805
Singles Over 200
                        Kevin Fabrizio -    827
Singles Scratch
                          Brian McMahon -   755

All Events Under 201            Kevin O'Conner -        2328
All Events Over 200
            Joshuoa Pennington -  2321
All Events Scratch
               Franz Favre -              2119

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28th and 29th 298/299 Awarded

Ed Orell Receiving his 299 ring from Dave Sharp

(One more to go)

Two Bowlers bowled scores of 299 without ever having previously bowler an honor score with a ring as an option.This brings the total of rings bought by your association to 31.

On September 1st, Robert Meeks bowled a 299 in the Pinticklers league at Verdes Tropicana.

Ed Orell bowled his 299 Sept. 28th in the Thursday 4's league at Greenacres Bowl.

I'm sorry that it took so long to recognize these achievements but I was waiting for pictures which never came. If someone could send a picture of one or both of these gentlemen it would make the left side of the post look much nicer. Click here for the email address to send the picture.

Your association will purchase a ring for any USBC member in good standing who has never in his or her lifetime had an honor score where a ring is an option. Remember to let your secretary know if you qualify for this award.

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County Record Tied
On March 8th in the Suncoast Scratch Trio League at Verdes Tropicana the Un Adjustables tied the county record for a 3 game series by bowling a score of 2180. The team and their scores are:
Daniel Payne   246 249 235   760
Chris Gross      242 199 255   696
Mike Romano 227 220 277   724
The members of the team that bowled the first 2180 were Jim Vernon, Jimmy Keeth and Wayne Wurster. They bowled their record score at Greenacres Bowl.
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250 Club:
If you are a man and bowled a 250 or better, you can become a member of the 250 Bowlers Club of Palm Beach County. The club has tournaments every other month rotating through the houses in the county. The format alternates between singles and mixed doubles i.e. man & women. The singles event is for 250 club members only but the women in the doubles can be any female bowler. On occasion, the club teams up with the women's 225 club for the tournament. The club uses the money raised in these tournaments to award a scholarship to a YOUTH bowler. A dinner is held at the end of the year at a local establishment. The dues are $15 a year and you must bowl in at least one tournament. If you need more information email Mark Sapsford at pbc250club@gmail.com Click Here for an Application.

The club has scholarships for students who will be graduating this year. To apply for a scholarship Click here for an application.

Women who bowled a 225 may join the 225 club. The application fee is $15. Dues are $10. Like the men, you must bowl in one tournament a year.Click here for an applcation



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